Workshop on Data-Driven Modeling for Complex Fluid Physics (

This workshop will focus on data-driven models to address unresolved challenges resulting from fluid compressibility in aerospace engineering, such as: 1. Presence of dissimilar multi-scale physics; 2. Convection-dominated nonlinear dynamics; 3. Dispersed steep gradients and highly nonlinear/stiff kinetics in combustion and hypersonic flow and 4. Non-stationary chaotic features in flow physics. The following is a list of objectives for this workshop:

  • Bring together experts in both the field of computation science and engineering and motivate more research activities to address challenges in data-driven modeling of complex fluid physics

  • Assess the state of progress in data-driven techniques for complex fluid physics modeling – multi-scale, multi-physics engineering problems requiring substantial computing resources (turbulence, combustion and hypersonic flow etc.)

  • Identify a hierarchy of challenge problems for evaluations of different data-driven techniques using appropriate metrics for accuracy, efficiency, cost and robustness

  • Guide the development of improved data-driven techniques to provide fast and accurate models for many-query applications in industry (engineering design, optimization and UQ) – determine individual limitations of current approaches

  • Establish pathway to accelerate the transition of fundamental research in data-driven techniques to real industry applications. Primary focus will be aerospace applications such as: Unsteady turbulent reacting flows in rocket and gas turbine combustion chambers, hypersonic flows (inlets, combustion chambers)